A&D's architectural process.

A&D developed processes to suit the different sectors and disciplines we serve. Our processes ensures minimum delays and excellent communication the project is past its conceptional phase and on site. One of the ways we achieve this is through 3D surveying our sites. This enables us to identify and plan more accurately elevating any potential time delaying elements. 

All our design work and construction drawing work are also done in 3D, enabling our clients to fully visualise the project and make informed decisions. This allows our clients to be more involved in the project. 

Have a look at one of our process outlines below. This process has been designed to serve our corporate and retail clients more effectively. 

Architectural Process Outline
Architectural Process: Phase 1
Architectural Process: Phase 2
Architectural Process: Phase 3A
Architectural Process: Phase 3B
Architectural Process: Phase 4


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